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About Cowra
Athol, Country Corner, Cowra
They're story songs and that's why I like 'em Athol, Country Corner, Cowra
Mrs Hayashi, Japanese War Cemetery, Cowra
I'm really very grateful Mrs Hayashi, Japanese War Cemetery, Cowra
Lawrance Ryan, Cowra 70th Breakout
This historical event is still part of Mr Murakami's life Lawrance Ryan, Cowra 70th Breakout
Les, Wiradjuri Elder, Cowra
They refer to Erambie Mission as 32 Acres Les, Wiradjuri Elder, Cowra
Katie & Nicky, Cowra
It's more than our mortgage to feed the kids Katie & Nicky, Cowra
Harkon, the Boxer, Cowra
Go for what you want Harkon, the Boxer, Cowra
Sally & Olive, Photographers, Cowra
When I'm with the camera, I'm not alone Sally & Olive, Photographers, Cowra
Josh, Musician, Cowra
It's the thing that brings us together Josh, Musician, Cowra
Mrs Hawa, Cowra
It's a nice place, all people are nice Mrs Hawa, Cowra
Frank, Woodworker, Cowra
I've Always Loved Wood Frank, Woodworker, Cowra
Karen & Ray, Cowra
All we ever wanted was our own land Karen & Ray, Cowra
Ken, Sculptor, Cowra
You can't always be creative, you have to deal with life Ken, Sculptor, Cowra
Marion's Story, Cowra
'Marions' have farmed the Lachlan for 180 years Marion's Story, Cowra
Karl, Soccer Coach, Cowra
We need to do more for the girls Karl, Soccer Coach, Cowra
Phoebe, The Corridor Project, Cowra
Learn together, close the gap Phoebe, The Corridor Project, Cowra
Rod, Glass Washer, Cowra Wine Show
They wash their hands religiously, all the time Rod, Glass Washer, Cowra Wine Show
Trudi, Margaret & Brett, Cowra
Sing and Dance and have a great time Trudi, Margaret & Brett, Cowra
Imajen's Story, Cowra
Everyone always knew I was going to be a dancer Imajen's Story, Cowra
Katie's Story, Cowra
My name is Brown, Katie Brown Katie's Story, Cowra
Jess' Story, Cowra
I'm a small town country girl who wants to change the world Jess' Story, Cowra
Jeremy's Story, Cowra
When I think about the music it takes me away Jeremy's Story, Cowra
Rebecca's Story, Cowra
Within the fortress of protection of these rocks Rebecca's Story, Cowra
Maddy's Story, Cowra
I remember waking up to ear piercing screams Maddy's Story, Cowra
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