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Daniel, Ryan Artists and policy: a case study of the creative industries in north-eastern Australia. International Journal of Cultural Policy. pp. 1-13. (In Press)

Eyre, Harris A., and Baune, Bernhard T. Assessing for unique immunomodulatory and neuroplastic profiles of physical activity subtypes: a focus on psychiatric disorders. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. (In Press)

Mazanov, J., Backhouse, S., Connor, J., Hemphill, D., and Quirk, F. Athlete support personnel and anti-doping: knowledge, attitudes, and ethical stance. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports. (In Press)

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Magnusson, Marie, Mata, Leonardo, De Nys, Rocky, and Paul, Nicholas Biomass, lipid and fatty acid production in large-scale cultures of the marine macroalga Derbesia tenuissima (Chlorophyta). Marine Biotechnology. (In Press)

Wardhaugh, Carl W., Stork, Nigel E., and Edwards, Will Canopy invertebrate community composition on rainforest trees: different microhabitats support very different invertebrate communities. Austral Ecology. pp. 1-11. (In Press)

Griffin, Bronwyn R., Watt, Kerrianne, Shields, Linda E., and Kimble, Roy M. Characteristics of low-speed vehicle run-over events in children: an 11-year review. Injury Prevention. pp. 1-8. (In Press)

Cordier, Reinie, and Wilson, Nathan J. Community-based Men's Sheds: promoting male health, wellbeing and social inclusion in an international context. Health Promotion International. pp. 1-11. (In Press)

Paul, Nicholas A., Neveux, Nicolas, Magnusson, Marie, and De Nys, Rocky Comparative production and nutritional value of “sea grapes” — the tropical green seaweeds Caulerpa lentillifera and C. racemosa. Journal of Applied Phycology. (In Press)

Neveux, Nicolas, Magnusson, Marie, Maschmeyer, Thomas, de Nys, Rocky, and Paul, Nicholas A. Comparing the potential production and value of high-energy liquid fuels and protein from marine and freshwater macroalgae. GCB Bioenergy. (In Press)

Beg, Rabiul, and Anwar, Sajid Detecting volatility persistence in GARCH models in the presence of the leverage effect. Quantitative Finance, i-First. pp. 1-9. (In Press)

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Nurjannah, Intansari, Mills, Jane, Usher, Kim, and Park, Tanya Discharge planning in mental health care: an integrative review of the literature. Journal of Clinical Nursing, Early View. pp. 1-11. (In Press)

Ray, Robin A., Brown, Janice, and Street, Annette F. Dying with motor neurone disease, what can we learn from family caregivers? Health Expectations. pp. 1-11. (In Press)

Jourdan, J., and Fuentes, M.M.P.B. Effectiveness of strategies at reducing sand temperature to mitigate potential impacts from changes in environmental temperature on sea turtle reproductive output. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change. pp. 1-13. (In Press)

Militz, T.A., Southgate, P.C., Carton, A.G., and Hutson, K.S. Efficacy of garlic (Allium sativum) extract applied as a therapeutic immersion treatment for Neobenedenia sp. management in aquaculture. Journal of Fish Diseases. pp. 1-11. (In Press)

Greiner, Romy Environmental duty of care: from ethical principle towards a code of practice for the grazing industry in Queensland (Australia). Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics. (In Press)

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Alajmi, Fahad, and Zeng, Chaoshu Evaluation of microalgal diets for the intensive cultivation of the tropical calanoid copepod, Parvocalanus crassirostris. Aquaculture Research, Early View. pp. 1-14. (In Press)

Sharpe, Michael F., and Lopata, Andreas L. Fish allergy: in review. Clinical Reviews in Allergy & Immunology. pp. 1-14. (In Press)

Januchowski-Hartley, Fraser A., Cinner, Joshua E., and Graham, Nicholas A.J. Fishery benefits from behavioural modification of fishes in periodically harvested fisheries closures. Aquatic Conservation: marine and freshwater ecosystems . pp. 1-14. (In Press)

Emmanuel, Elizabeth N., and Sun, Jing Health related quality of life across the perinatal period among Australian women. Journal of Clinical Nursing. pp. 1-9. (In Press)

Morris, Kayla, and Swinbourne, Anne Identifying prototypes associated with sun-related behaviours in North Queensland. Australian Journal of Psychology. pp. 1-8. (In Press)

Zeng, Chaoshu Improving Feeds and Feeding Practices for the Redclaw Aquaculture Industry. Report. Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC), Canberra, Australia. (In Press)

Stoll, Richard, Urban-Klein, Beata, Giacomin, Paul, Loukas, Alex, and Jablonski-Momeni, Anahita In vivo assessment of caries excavation with a fluorescence camera compared to direct bacteriological sampling and quantitative analysis using flow cytometry. Lasers in Medical Science. pp. 1-7. (In Press)

Van Oosterzee, Penny, Dale, Allan, and Preece, Noel D. Integrating agriculture and climate change mitigation at landscape scale: implications from an Australian case study. Global Environmental Change. (In Press)

Hariri, Hasan, Monypenny, Richard, and Prideaux, Murray Leadership styles and decision-making styles in an Indonesian school context. School Leadership and Management. (In Press)

Chaiechi, Taha, Pryce, Josephine, and Bhati, Abhishek Macroeconomic impacts of the tourism industry and the contemporaneous feedback effect: an Australian case study. Tourism Economics. (In Press)

Edwards, David P., Sloan, Sean, Weng, Lingfei, Dirks, Paul, Sayer, Jeffrey, and Laurance, William F. Mining and the African environment. Conservation Letters. pp. 1-10. (In Press)

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Chan, Raymond Javan, Dunning, Trisha, Mills, Jane, Yates, Patsy, and Zeitz, Kathryn Nursing research: the Australian College of Nursing position statement. Collegian. pp. 1-3. (In Press)

Nelson, Paul N., Gabriel, Jennifer, Filer, Colin, Banabas, Murom, Sayer, Jeffrey A., Curry, George N., Koczberski, Gina, and Venter, Oscar Oil palm and deforestation in Papua New Guinea. Conservation Letters. pp. 1-8. (In Press)

Rigby, Cassandra, and Simpfendorfer, Colin A. Patterns in life history traits of deep-water chondrichthyans. Deep-sea Research Part II: topical studies in oceanography. pp. 1-11. (In Press)

Abdul Wahab, M., De Nys, R., Webster, N., and Whalan, S. Phenology of sexual reproduction in the common coral reef sponge, Carteriospongia foliascens. Coral Reefs. (In Press)

Adams, Vanessa M., Álvarez-Romero, Jorge G. , Carwardine, Josie, Cattarino, Lorenzo , Hermoso, Virgilio, Kennard, Mark J. , Linke, Simon , Pressey, Robert L., and Stoeckl, Natalie Planning across freshwater and terrestrial realms: co-benefits and tradeoffs between conservation actions. Conservation Letters. (In Press)

Lewthwaite, Brian, and Wiebe, Rick Responding to students' learning preferences in chemistry. Journal of Science Teacher Education. (In Press)

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Navin, Fiona, Hill, Angela, Dalley-Trim, Leanne, Tomas, Louisa, and Moore, Sharon Stronger, smarter learning communities, Atherton Hub: a case study of Atherton State High School, Atherton State School, Kuranda State School and Herberton State School. Report. UNSPECIFIED, To be published on Stronger, Smarter Institute website. (In Press)

Zahedi, A. Sustainable power supply using solar energy and wind power combined with energy storage. In: Energy Procedia. From: AEDCEE 2013: International Conference on Alternative Energy in Developing Countries and Emerging Economies, 30-31 May 2013, Bangkok, Thailand. (In Press)

Pontasch, S., Scott, A., Hill, R., Bridge, T., Fisher, P.L., and Davy, S.K. Symbiodinium diversity in the sea anemone Entacmaea quadricolor on the east Australian coast. Coral Reefs. (In Press)

Stephens, Anne Systemic intervention practice at an Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander alcohol and other drugs treatment centre. Systemic Practice and Action Research. pp. 1-15. (In Press)

Prasopdee, Sattrachai, Kulsantiwong, Jutharat, Piratae, Supawadee, Khampoosa, Panita, Thammasiri, Chalida, Suwannatrai, Apiporn, Laha, Thewarach, Grams, Rudi, Loukas, Alex, and Tesana, Smarn Temperature dependence of Opisthorchis viverrini infection in first intermediate host snail, Bithynia siamensis goniomphalos. Acta Tropica. pp. 1-6. (In Press)

Andutta, Fernando Pinheiro, de Miranda, Luiz Bruner, Schettini, Carlos Augusto Franca, Siegle, Eduardo, da Silva, Mario Pereira, Izumi, Vitor Massaki, and Chagas, Felipe Murai Temporal variations of temperature, salinity and circulation in the Peruipe river estuary (nova Vicosa, BA). Continental Shelf Research, 70. pp. 36-45.

Lopes, Rodrigo T., Gonçalves, Miguel M., Fassnacht, Daniel, Machado, Paulo P.P., and Sousa, Inês Time to improve and recover from depressive symptoms and interpersonal problems in a clinical trial. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. pp. 1-9. (In Press)

Wang, Changming, Deng, Jun, Carranza, Emmanuel John M., and Santosh, M. Tin metallogenesis associated with granitoids in the southwestern Sanjiang Tethyan Domain: nature, deposit types, and tectonic setting. Gondwana Research. pp. 1-18. (In Press)

Hutchinson, Neil, Jenkins, Gregory P., Brown, Andrew, and Smith, Timothy M. Variation with depth in temperate seagrass-associated fish assemblages in Southern Victoria, Australia. Estuaries and Coasts. (In Press)

Vatja, Balint, Holberg, Mette, Mills, Jane, and McBride, William J.H. Weighing up the costs of seeking health care for dengue symptoms: a grounded theory study of backpackers' decision-making processes. Australian Journal of Primary Health. (In Press)

Li, Wendy, Tse, Samson, and Chong, Mark David Why Chinese international students gamble: behavioral decision making and its impact on identity construction. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. pp. 1-14. (In Press)

Vella, Karen, and Dale, Allan An approach for adaptive and integrated environmental planning to deal with uncertainty in a Great Barrier Reef Catchment. Australian Planner. pp. 1-17. (In Press)

Tomas, Louisa, and Ritchie, Stephen The challenge of evaluating students' scientific literacy in a writing-to-learn context. Research in Science Education. (In Press)

Siriwardane, Harshini P., and Durden, Chris H. The communication skills of accountants: what we know and the gaps in our knowledge. Accounting Education. (In Press)

Shields, Linda The core business of caring: a nursing and midwifery oxymoron? Collegian. pp. 1-7. (In Press)

Jillings, E.K.P., Squires, R.A., and Lopez-Villalobos, N. The effect of clinically relevant levels of blood contamination on the assessment of proteinuria in dogs by use of the urine protein to urine creatinine ratio. New Zealand Veterinary Journal. (In Press)

Stoeckl, Natalie, Esparon, Michelle, Farr, Marina, Delisle, Aurelie, and Stanley, Owen The great asymmetric divide: an empirical investigation of the link between indigenous and non-indigenous economic systems in Northern Australia. Papers in Regional Science. pp. 1-19. (In Press)

Nagelkerken, Ivan, Sheaves, Marcus, Baker, Ronald, and Connolly, Rod M. The seascape nursery: a novel spatial approach to identify and manage nurseries for coastal marine fauna. Fish and Fisheries, In Press. (In Press)

Tomas, L., Jackson, C., and Carlisle, K. The transformative potential of engaging in science inquiry-based challenges: The ATSE Wonder of Science Challenge. Teaching Science, 60 (1). pp. 1-11. (In Press)

Kuilboer, Alfons The use of travel diaries in evaluating the perceptions of customer service encounters by senior travellers in Australia. In: Proceedings of the Fourth Asia Pacific Forum for Graduate Student Research in Tourism, pp. 63-86. From: Fourth Asia Pacific Forum for Graduate Student Research in Tourism, 1-3 August 2005, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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